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Honest Riches
by Holly Mann
Holly is a single mom who is making over $12,000 a month, working at home, from her own online business.  She achieved this in just four short months.
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The Super Affiliate Handbook
by Rosalind Gardner
In this e-book Rosalind tell how she makes over $425,000 a year selling other people’s stuff online primarily through affiliate marketing.  There are over 200 pages of good detailed information
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Free Monthly Gift
If you haven't discovered this site yet then it is well worth a visit. I have truly found some very useful free ebooks, videos, etc. here to help me grow my internet business. Join up. It's Free. You'll be glad you did.

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Million Dollar Web Traffic
Peer over Mr. 'X' shoulder as he shows you how he took a website from 151 unique visitors to a whopping 60,000+ in less than 5 days(and he didn't have to pay a dime in advertising).
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Credit Score Freedom
by Jackie Beem
Improve your credit score to financial freedom. Step by step instructions on how to raise your credit score fast without paying off all your old collections.

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On Demand Profits
by Alok Jain
On Demand Profits shows you a technique used by top performing affiliates to make hundreds of dollars every day. And they don't spend a penny on advertising.

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Adsense Videos
by Michael Cheney
Michael allows you to watch over his shoulder as he shows you how he makes over $19,000 a month with Google Adsense.

I Work at Home and Love It!
And You Can Also!

I have done my fair share of working in corporate America. Don't get me wrong I made a good salary and it paid the bills. But, I worked hard. Most of the time I had two jobs; a full time job and a part-time job.

Working from home has some downsides to it but let me tell you that the upsides far outway the downsides.

The other beauty is that you yourself can control your earnings potential. You no longer have to look forward to your 2% raise once a year. You can have a 20% to 100% boost tomorrow if you want to.

You also control your schedule. If you need to pick up the children at 3pm, you can. If you want to sleep late, you can.

Even though I do a little real estate investing, the bulk of my income now comes from internet marketing of my own and others niche products, as well as, marketing some affiliate products.


One of the first products that I bought to get me started was Rosalind Gardner's "The Super Affiliate Handbook" that you see listed on the left. In addition to that I purchased Michael Cheney's "Adsense Videos". From there I was off and running.

As time has gone by I have purchased some other good products (and a few bad ones) in order to learn more about a specific marketing method or niche or just to see if it was a product that I felt was good enought to promote.

If you are on a shoe string budget or if you just like free stuff and good bargains, then you must join Free Monthly Gift as seen here on the left. It truly is FREE. You get good quality free internet marketing information and offers on other quality information products at really bargain basement prices. The owner Todd Gross is a really upbeat, inspirational type person which will keep you motivated as well.

I have written more about what I do, what some of my niches are and how you too can do the same thing. If you are interested in this type information you may visit my blog at and you may also get a free copy of a report that I wrote to help answer a lot of questions about how you can make money working at home by visiting

I encourage you to purchase either Honest Riches or The Super Affiliate Handbook and follow the step by step instructions to get started immediately making money from home as I am.

On the left you will see an ebook entitled Credit Score Freedom. This is one of my own niche product items. If you have a need for this type of information, please check it out.

After you get your website up and going you will want to learn more about how to get more website traffic to your site. There are a lot of different ways, including a lot of free ways. Jo Han Mok's Million Dollar Web Traffic really does work and I highly recommend it.

If you have questions use the "contact" link below and I will get back to you shortly with my best shot at an answer to your question.

Be sure and click the "More Resouces" link on the left for additional pages of information and recommended products to help you be successful working at home.

As always, here's to your work at home success.

Jackie Beem


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